Frederick Lee



2017 Year in Review

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Hubbell Incorporated designs, manufactures and sells electrical and electronic products for non-residential and residential construction, industrial and utility applications. In 2017, the client's primary goals were refreshing visual compare to 2016 and feature one of their new acquisitions, 'iDevices', IoT smart lighting upfront. 



Landing Page 

In order to visualize lighting and energy, we came up with the light off to on animation along with featuring light texture and their symbol mark with all their sub-brands. Scroll down reveals CEO letter and their acquisitions. 

Landing Page Animation
Homepage at a Glance

Interior Pages 

In order to design interior pages consistent to landing page, I used different types of light texture on the header of the page. Each interior page includes unique contents such as stock information, 2017 achievements, products, leaderships, and so on. 



Hubbell specifically pursued to feature their print annual report (designed by my team), so my team included jump-link to 'Downloads' that you can open and close. 



From Hubbell's Excel and Word files, my team approached to visualize the data into simple and elegant format. 

Client: Hubbell Incorporated
Design & Development: ideas on purpose
Product Designer: Frederick Lee
Creative Director: Darren Namaye
Project Manager: Jonathan Alland
Developer: Adam Coti